Hey, Your Shoes Stink!


My favorite phrase lately has been: Don’t walk out into a pasture, step in cow poop, and then blame others because they say your shoes stink.

I know, you’re saying, “Huh?” Well, let me explain.

We were raised to learn that actions have consequences. In other words, if you did something wrong, you accepted responsibility for it and took whatever punishment was dealt to you. However, that has changed. The common practice now is to not accept responsibility and to make it someone else’s fault.

Recently, there was a local issue that resulted in a quite heated discussion. Emails apparently had been flying back and forth on the issue. One of those emails was email blasted by a local person in a position of authority and that email had nothing to do with their scope of authority. After responding to that message, this person shut down all communications through them and passed the buck to another authority group that had already made a decision on the issue. This person only chose to email blast on behalf of one position on the issue and did not afford the same courtesy to other viewpoints.

Well, I called this person out on it and told them two things:

  1. It was inappropriate for them to be using their position to email blast on behalf of any issue outside the business of their authority group.
  2. By shutting down all further communications, their attempt to promote that position would most likely backfire and hurt the cause.

Do you think I got an email back accepting responsibility and indicating that they shouldn’t have done that? Nope. I got a phone call … at home … late at night … saying, “You hurt me!” Ugh!

I guess I should have seen this coming, considering where I moved. I should have also seen it coming when the email was in ALL CAPS and sent from an @aol.com email address. Yep, I walked into a cow pasture and stepped in a pile of cow poop. I guess I’d better throw out these shoes before people start complaining about the smell.