And The Most Annoying Software Company Is …

… Adobe!!

Yes, I am claiming that they are the most annoying.  Not only is their software constantly filled with zero-day security vulnerabilities, but their policies are just plain wrong.  It seems that every time I install or update an Adobe product, their install violates Microsoft Windows guidelines.

I’ll give two examples: Reader and Flash Plug-in. 

Every time I update Reader, the Adobe installation installs an icon on my desktop.  Hey, Adobe, I DON’T WANT AN ICON ON MY DESKTOP!!  Nowhere in the upgrade process is there any option to turn off that process.  For years, going back the days of Windows XP, it has been required to give the user the option to install or not install an icon on the desktop.

You are probably wondering why this bothers me so much.  Well, it is because I have no icons on my desktop other than the trash can.  Since Windows XP, the “Pin to Start Menu” and “Pin to Taskbar” features have made it completely unnecessary to have icons on the desktop.  I can use these features and get to my regularly used applications much faster than I ever could by having an icon on the desktop.

The other issue I have is with the Flash Plug-in installation.  Without asking, the installation will install the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer and the Google Chrome browser.  Not only do they install it without giving me an option not to, no where in the installation dialogs does it indicate that it will install it.  Not only is this annoying, its also a VERY BAD practice.

Not only are their installations doing actions that they should not be doing, but Adobe does not listen to their users when they complain.  Repeated compaints to Adobe, both through email and Twitter, do not even get a response from them.

So, Adobe puts out bad software, forces installation items that we don’t want and does not listen to their users when they complain.  I think that tops everyone else.

You are probably wondering why I even install their software if I think this way about them.  The reason is that I have to.  Reader is required by corporate policy and I am forced to use Flash as part of the web development that I am working on.  Until our corporate policy changes….