Dumbing Down Our Children

People often ask me why I choose to spend thousands of dollars a year to send my daughter to a private school, rather than sending her to the government schools and using that money for our enjoyment. If you have ever read your local newspaper about what goes on in your local government schools, you understand why it is a bad idea to turn your children over to the government for education.

Here is an example from the Nashville, TN, government schools. This decision no longer allows the smarter middle school children to take high school math classes in middle school. They would like to have those students repeat material they already know rather than learn new material.

Before you think that this is an isolated incident, guess again. This type of decision is being played out in some way or another in every school district in the nation. These decisions affect the children long after they have left school. For an example of this you only need to go as far as your local DMV office and see that the tests have to be in multiple languages because our schools chose to not challenge the students to learn English, the international language of business.

Being the father of a strong-willed, intelligent child, the last thing I want is for my child to be dumbed-down. As with most intelligent children, if she is not challenged she will get bored. When she is bored she will get in trouble. This does not benefit her, the teacher, the school or society in general.

Is it worth it to give up some of the material things of this world in order for her to get a good education? You bet! We find that we are just as happy with what we have, knowing that we are doing what is right.

2 thoughts on “Dumbing Down Our Children”

  1. It’s no wonder folks like me live in the suburbs. SCHOOLS SCHOOLS SCHOOLS. When you work in the suburbs, play in the same suburbs and have your kids go to school in the same suburbs what are you losing by avoiding the inner city? Exactly nothing.

  2. I guess you’re missing out on what we have here in the Fox Valley…Our girls were able to attend a PUBLIC school for highly gifted students. They took a second language as early as kindergarten, were allowed to take high school classes in 5th grade and were challenged in a way that encouraged them to want more! Appleton Public Schools have come a long way baby!

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